Where’s the Chocolate?


Is there a shortage of dark skin women in Trinidad? I’m just curious because yet another band launch has popped off and there isn’t one sighting of a little dark chocolate…again. If there is, someone please tag me to shut me up. The truth is I’ve seen very few chocolate models period and I just want to know why that is. Ironically, I’ve been stumbling across numerous documentary clips, and the topic of race and ethnicity is bubbling something serious right now. Earlier today I read a couple of articles on the casting call advertisement for the Straight Outta Compton movie. I won’t go into details about the ad but as a dark skinned woman I was left feeling some type of way. 


It took me well into my 20’s before I was 100% in love with my complexion. As a young teen I would always avoid wearing bright colors like white or yellow (with the exception of my lime green Reeboks and matching bubble jacket). As I walked down the street I would always get “oh wow, you’re pretty…for a dark skinned girl”. UGH shoot me now! Light skinned seemed to be the thing during that era, then all of a sudden there was a periodic shift. I’ll always remember Missy Elliot’s line in the 2005 song Gotta Getcha… “light skin used to be way in but dark skin is the hot s**t now”! I L O V E D that line with a passion. It gave mea continuous boost of chocolate girl pride. 



But anyway, here’s my observation. Granted, Trinidad is a melting pot of people from all different backgrounds; I witnessed that with my own eyes this year. I just don’t understand why that blend isn’t depicted in these band launches and their media images. I recently had a conversation about the paper bag tests that used to take place years ago along with all the other skin tone biasness that took place. Quite frankly I’m just over all these little secret wars (light skin vs. dark skin, creamy crack vs. natural) it’s too much people! Why do I even have to think about things like this? Is it really an issue or is it just me? I could go on, but that’s all I’mma say about that. 


…Sha Sha signing out