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Why Going Bald was the BEST Decision Ever!

Hair is a big deal to a lot of people. I was one of them until I just couldn’t be bothered with idea of hair any longer. I chopped off what was left of my hair on December 22, 2018. Wow…damn near 6 months ago! That was honestly some scary sh%t! For the full scoop on my big chop story, click HERE. Please check it out if you haven’t already.


Let me tell you, I was self conscious AF right after I did it! I was on winter vacation from work and no one would see my exposed baldie in public until New Year’s Day. When I stepped out in my lil sequin romper I was like, “Welp, this is it Sha!” I survived that, then I had to wait another week for the big reveal at work. At some point, when I didn’t realize it….everything normalized. Then … it got good! Watch the video for more!



Initial feelings after my big chop:

– Self consciousness! I was like, “It looks great to me, but does everyone else think so?” Kinda like people who think they can sing, but everyone else is like “Nah son, go siddung.”

– Ugh my scalp complexion is uneven!

– Freedom!


Highlights of being bald:

– I rarely wear makeup and feel more comfortable with my natural beauty

– Less maintenance and money spent

– More conscious of sunscreen usage


Favorite compliments:

– “I feel like this was how it was always supposed to be”

– “I love how you wear this look unapologetically. You did what you wanted and you are owning it!”

– “You’re my she-ro!”


Thanks for your continued support!