Why I’m Not in Barbados :(

The Crop Over Tabanca is setting in bad. The Snapchat’s and Instagram posts have me feeling some type of way. You may or may not know, but I have a sweet spot for Barbados like no place else. In fact, I call myself an honorary Bajan. I should be with meh friend and dem right about now acting the fool, getting daytime tipsy and fettin’ up a storm. But no. I opted out. Why you say? Well, Turks and Caicos is supposed to be having it’s own “carnival” festivities in a couple of days. I was supposed to be heavily involved but I had to withdraw my participation for an abundance of reasons. I could have aborted these plans and gone to BIM but I felt it only right that I be here to peep the newbie carnival scene. I have zero expectations for this carnival and will be standing by with my tea in hand to see how this all pans out. You better believe I will be back with a full review of these shenanigans. I guess you gotta start somehere eh?


To the homies….hold it down for the No Condense Massive! I can’t believe I’m missing Melissa’s first BIM experience. UGH! We will link again ladies! You know who you are! Eat a gap burger for me. Think of me whenever you hear any King Bubbah or L&S Song….


Love, Salty Tears and Kisses from Providenciales, TCI 


Sha Sha signing out nice.