Wire Bra Basics



I know you’ve seen them. Those risqué boobie holders blinged out in rhinestones and trim. When they first came on the scene onlookers were astonished. How dare designers create something so revealing! My, my, my how times have changed. Regular padded bra’s are almost a thing of the past and women who said they’d never be caught dead wearing a wire bra are now addicted. Let’s face it folks, wire bra’s are here to stay.


Unfortunately, not everyone who purchases a wire bra wear’s it correctly. I’m here to save you from future embarrassment and discomfort. Check out the video and be sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Here are a few quick take-away’s:




Analyze the costume first

  • Ask yourself if this wire bra is really for YOU?

  • If yes proceed. If no, listen carefully to all information provided in this post.


Is it better to go up or down a size?


Register for the correct size

  • Whether you call them breasts, boobs or bubbies, no two pairs are the same. When it comes to carnival making for the masses, one size fits MOST.

  • You have to remember that when staff members are making these bra’s in bulk they are not considering your individual needs. When you get the wire bra out the package its either hit or miss.


Always have a back up plan


What if it REALLY doesn’t fit?

  • Haul yuh tail and post on www.FineAhBan.com, the WFYG Facebook pages, Instagram and every carnival related group chat you’re in.

  • Let them know you have a top to swap. If someone bites, move forward and link up. I’ve done it before.


What’s Should Be In Your Package?


What Should You Purchase?

  • Hollywood Fashion Tape … found HERE in my Amazon store. 

  • Pasties or Carnivalista Smoothies www.carnivalista.com

  • Mini Glue Gun & High Temp Glue Sticks

  • Backup Bra





Inspect the Package

  • Check size

  • Check for missing bling

  • Check how many loops you have

  • Ensure that you have enough string for each loop

  • Remove any straggling glue

Try It On ASAP

  • Secure your string on all provided loops

  • Loosely tie it around your neck

  • Tie the back strings

  • Finish tying the neck strings


Shape  & Mold

  • Gently press the edges of the cup towards your breast. There should be no space.

  • Press the center of your bra towards your chest cavity

  • Ensure that the underwire and sides of the bra are molded around your breasts.

  • Bra should be molded into your breast and not sticking out

What am I Looking for?

You Want to Ensure That:

  • The bra covers your areola’s

  • The strings give you enough security and “lift”

  • You feel comfortable (6:30/Split in De Middle/Drop It Low/Palance a few times)





Thanks for reading/watching! Be sure to like, share, comment and SUBSCRIBE! If you’d like to have a wire bra made just for you please contact me at info@tingznice.com


Sha Sha Out…