Riddim and Road

The Return of Hookie Life Events

Bruh, the excitement I have about attending the 2021 installment of Hookie Weekend is unmatched! Hookie Weekend is usually held at the end of June, but, thanks to the ever changing world of COVID-19, the Hookie Life team is hosting it from August 7 – 8 this year. Hookie Weekend includes a dutty event known as Lions Pride Jouvert (LPJ) and a road-like experience called Riddim & Road (R&R). I love them both, and always add them to my list of events because they are a guaranteed good time. People who attend these events ALWAYS understand the assignment okuuurt! 

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Hookie Weekend FAQ!

If you’ve never attended Hookie Weekend, or if you’ve forgotten how things work, here’s a little FAQ I put together to help you on your way. Please keep in mind that this information is subject to change:

What time will Lions Pride Jouvert (LPJ) be held?

  • Jouvert is scheduled to begin at 7:00AM, and end at 12 noon. 

What’s included in the LPJ package?

  • Typically, Lions Pride Jouvert includes a t-shirt, cup with lid, drawstring bag and a few snacks

When will packages be ready for distribution?

  • Package pick-up is usually held the two days during the week leading up to the event. Turn your post notifications on for immediate updates from the Hookie Life team. 

Can someone pick up my LPJ package on my behalf?

  • Yes, just ensure that you provide them with a copy of your ID and your package confirmation page (aka receipt) with the barcode. 

Are drinks included at LPJ?

  • Yes! There is a drinks truck for Lions Pride Jouvert. Don’t worry, you’ll get lit for sure! To cover your bases, pre-gaming is always a grand idea. 

Can I leave the jouvert area and come back?

  • According to the Hookie Life team, there will be no re-entry should you choose to leave the venue. 

Will food be available at LPJ?

  • Food will be available for purchase should your tummy start growling. I highly recommend filling your belly before you head inside, and before you start drinking #drinking101

How should I dress for Lions Pride Jouvert?

  • All I can say is, wear things you don’t mind destroying. For additional details, I encourage you to watch THIS oldie but goodie vlog on my YouTube Channel. 

What exactly is Riddim & Road (R&R)?

  • This is an enclosed road experience where attendees get to dress up in costume or Monday Wear while getting on bad behind a truck. Think Miami Carnival, minus the overly priced costumes and massive crowd of spectators.

What time will R&R be held?

  • Riddim & Road is scheduled to begin at 12:00PM, and end at 8:00PM

Is it mandatory that I wear a costume for R & R?

  • No, but dressing festively is highly encouraged

Are drinks included at R&R?

  • Yup! There will be a drinks truck for Riddim & Road also; however, a limited amount of drink tickets were provided in the past. It is unclear how drinks will be handled this year. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

What is a trunk lime?

  • The trunk limes are a favorite element of each day. Trunk limes are when attendees park their vehicles near friends in the parking lot, open their trunks and partake of spirits, food and other treats while enjoying each other’s company. It’s basically the meet and greet before each Hookie event.  

Can I purchase tickets at the door for both events?

  • According to our sources, last minute ticket purchases can be made during the LPJ package distribution events. It is not recommended to show up to either event without a ticket.

I hope to see you at one or both of these epic events! The DJ lineup is PHENOMENAL and I believe in my heart that there will be zero to minimal disappointment on the music front. For additional information and footage of past events (to get you hype) be sure to follow @hookielife on all social media platforms. 

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Be good, and be safe!

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