T’ingz Nice started in 2014 in the form of written expression before anything else. Here you will find “ancient” pieces from my neo years as a Caribbean carnival junkie. In addition to carnival coverage, you may also stumble upon recipes and random recaps of non-carnival experiences. Now that we are in the post-pandemic era, you will find more recent carnival articles. We’re happy to return to our written roots; although, we do encourage you to listen to any relative podcast episodes to get the full scope of select experiences. 

Antigua Carnival 2023 with Insane

5 Reasons to Love Antigua Carnival

Being in Antigua for carnival was a completely different experience than the times I’d visited for pure rest and relaxation. This carnival trip was a much needed escape for me and I’m so glad to have touched down in Wadadli for the festivities. My DMs have been flooded with many questions about my experience and

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The Digital Carnival Planner Is Here! Download Now!

I  did a thing! If you’ve been on my Instagram page within the last 24 hours you will have likely seen my recent product launch for the T’ingz Nice Digital Carnival Planner. Let me share how this all came to be… I’ve been planning carnival trips for myself and groups of friends for decades, using

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Vlog: Soca Wkndr – Portugal

Last month’s T’ingz Nice Podcast episode was “All About Soca Wkndr”. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, it was an episode where I shared a bit about my Soca Wkndr experience in Portugal last October. For maximum impact, I even had a special guest from the Soca Wkndr team on the episode dropping

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Hookie Weekend Is Coming! Here’s How to Prepare!

The Return of Hookie Life Events Bruh, the excitement I have about attending the 2021 installment of Hookie Weekend is unmatched! Hookie Weekend is usually held at the end of June, but, thanks to the ever changing world of COVID-19, the Hookie Life team is hosting it from August 7 – 8 this year. Hookie

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Blue Half Denim Distressed Button Up Shirt Dress

Niceness Newsletter Issue 2: Volume 2

Theme of the Month – May 2021 Purge | Organize | Vibrate (Higher) My theme this month is POV which is an acronym I made up for Purge | Organize | Vibrate (higher). This cleansing process includes but is not limited to my thoughts, my space and my movements. I recently dropped a few things

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Niceness Newsletter Issue 1: Volume 2

Gone Too Soon: Rest Easy DMX If you follow me, you know that I am a hardcore Hip-Hop head. I have absolutely no idea what I would have done without 90’s Hip-Hop in my life. To grow up missing out on the Bad Boy empire, the oh-so-unique approach of Outkast, the blended sounds of the

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Design Lab Tour, Craft Space. Office Design

Design Lab Tour 2020

There’s nothing like a comfortable space to bring my creations to life. I virtually invite you to tour the 2020 T’ingz Nice Design Lab. If you’re looking for creative ways to spruce up your own workspace I highly recommend watching this video in its entirety. The links to all the items/merchants I mentioned in the

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Apple Pie, Apple Dump Cake

Apple Desserts

This one’s for my fellow foodies! Hopefully you’ve read up on my recent trip to Rhode Island. If not, gwan and catch up HERE. As promised, I’m sharing a couple recipes featuring the tasty apples I picked from Pippin Orchards a few weeks back.  I wasn’t in the mood to experiment fully so I found

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