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Vlog: Soca Wkndr – Portugal

Last month’s T’ingz Nice Podcast episode was “All About Soca Wkndr”. If you haven’t had a chance to listen, it was an episode where I shared a bit about my Soca Wkndr experience in Portugal last October. For maximum impact, I even had a special guest from the Soca Wkndr team on the episode dropping some valuable gems about the event and what one could expect for 2023. 

While it wasn’t the case before, I’m now ready to share some in depth information (complete with visuals) about my time at Soca Wkndr – the Portugal edition. I present to you the full Soca Wkndr – Portugal vlog. 

Go easy on me please, this is my first vlog in a LONG while LOL. I was experimenting with quite a few things and had more technical difficulties than I would have liked. This video almost didn’t make it y’all LOL. Enjoy!