Antigua Carnival 2023 was a success! We’ve wrapped our experience in an informative little package for you! Who is we you ask? Well, I’ve added five special guests to this episode to give you the 411 on all things Antigua Carnival from each of their lenses, and mine too!

Listening Time: 43 Minutes

Questions answered in this episode:

    • How far ahead did you book your flights and accommodations for Antigua Carnival?
    • If someone only had a limited amount of days, what days would you recommend for travel?
    • Which area would you suggest for accommodation?
    • Would you recommend a rental or driver for transportation?
    • How was your experience with Insane Carnival?
    • What was your most memorable moment?
    • What would you do differently?

A big thank you to Cym, Juju, Mali, Morgan and Teni for sharing there time and thoughts with us for this episode!

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