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How to Prepare for Jouvert

  Hey love bugs! I’m back with another article. This time, I’m shouting out @freckelzmarie for requesting a vlog on this topic!       Jouvert can be soooooooo MAGICAL! I’m not sure what makes it this way, but; in case you’re not familiar with Jouvert, here is an excerpt from my Frequently Asked Carnival Questions article: […]

All About Carnival Costumes

Allyuh please thank @arielcumberbatch for inspiring this post. She slid in my DM’s recently and expressed that she would be playing mas for the first time. She requested a video that provided costume advice. Well yes Ariel, ask and ye shall receive. I’m more than happy to assist! Let’s get started!     Band Launch […]

Group Chat Etiquette

Being in a group chat means that you could be interacting with people that you’ve likely never met. Due to this fact, I think it’s only right that I give you a few pointers on how to properly engage in a group chat setting. I’ll leave you with a brief list of etiquette items below; but, please […]

Group Chats 101

Everyone who knows me well is very much aware of my group chat addiction. The most popular question I get from people who are not familiar with the chat life is “how do you get into these chats?”. So with that question, and many others I thought, “sounds like a vlog post!”   Let me give […]

Guyana Carnival 2018: The Recap

So @melrosereports put the bug in my ear a few months ago about Guyana Carnival. With zero resistance I hopped on the bandwagon and made arrangements to be present for this inaugural event; not to be confused with Mashramani. I’ve left you a nice lil video recap of our adventures right above. However, if you’re […]

How to Tie a Wire Bra

    Hey Friends!   I’m back with a more secure way to tie wire bra’s. Shout out to the homie @Geswanders for showing me this gem of a method during Miami Carnival.   In the video you will see that I’m tying this bra without assistance; however, an extra set of hands is always […]