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Dear Promoters!

If you’ve been following me on social media then you know that I’ve been in hibernation mode for quite some time. I work hard for my two pennies and have no desire to squander it away on events that aren’t worth my while. When promoters (especially those in the NYC area) start to present quality […]

Dear DJs!

  Dear DJs,   We the people of the Caribbean bacchanalist community are TIYAAAD! We’re not asking for much and all of you are more than capable of fulfilling our needs. Hear our grievances. Challenge yourselves. Become our favorites once again. Don’t be the victim of continuous side eyes and vacant dance floors.    Put […]

How to Prepare for Jouvert

  Hey love bugs! I’m back with another article. This time, I’m shouting out @freckelzmarie for requesting a vlog on this topic!       Jouvert can be soooooooo MAGICAL! I’m not sure what makes it this way, but; in case you’re not familiar with Jouvert, here is an excerpt from my Frequently Asked Carnival Questions article: […]

All About Carnival Costumes

Allyuh please thank @arielcumberbatch for inspiring this post. She slid in my DM’s recently and expressed that she would be playing mas for the first time. She requested a video that provided costume advice. Well yes Ariel, ask and ye shall receive. I’m more than happy to assist! Let’s get started!     Band Launch […]

Group Chat Etiquette

Being in a group chat means that you could be interacting with people that you’ve likely never met. Due to this fact, I think it’s only right that I give you a few pointers on how to properly engage in a group chat setting. I’ll leave you with a brief list of etiquette items below; but, please […]

Group Chats 101

Everyone who knows me well is very much aware of my group chat addiction. The most popular question I get from people who are not familiar with the chat life is “how do you get into these chats?”. So with that question, and many others I thought, “sounds like a vlog post!”   Let me give […]

Guyana Carnival 2018: The Recap

So @melrosereports put the bug in my ear a few months ago about Guyana Carnival. With zero resistance I hopped on the bandwagon and made arrangements to be present for this inaugural event; not to be confused with Mashramani. I’ve left you a nice lil video recap of our adventures right above. However, if you’re […]

How to Tie a Wire Bra

    Hey Friends!   I’m back with a more secure way to tie wire bra’s. Shout out to the homie @Geswanders for showing me this gem of a method during Miami Carnival.   In the video you will see that I’m tying this bra without assistance; however, an extra set of hands is always […]