Ubersoca Cruise: The Review


Hell-loooooo (in my Barrie Hype Voice)! Only my fellow cruisers would understand lol (no shade). But seriously, I’m here to tell you about the first ever Ubersoca Cruise

Let me just get this out the way before I get deep into this article. As with all my reviews, I would like to remind you that this is strictly about MY personal experience on the Ubersoca Cruise. I am not speaking on behalf of all 1500 passengers. Now that you are aware, I shall begin:

Ubersoca Cruise was da bomb diggity!!! 

For all those who don’t feel this way, I feel bad for you. I really do. Apparently, some people didn’t enjoy themselves and I’m finding it very hard to understand how someone could not fall in love with this trip. Like, what else could you want?! This trip exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The Ubersoca Cruise (USC) team pulled off this inaugural event FLAWLESSLY. I’m sure there were some hiccups, but none of them were noticeable to the average cruiser. 


Communication from the USC team was always on point. One of the team members told us about the trip last year while exiting Arrivals during Miami Carnival. Like many, my friends and I questioned how authentic this trip was especially with the all-star lineup; but, after much research, it was evident that this was no scam. The website was professional, highly attractive and filled with essential information. The team left very few questions unanswered, and if there was something we needed to know, the response was speedy. 

The team created a private Facebook group for all paid attendees and it was filled with updates and an exciting countdown leading up to the event. I’d like to give a special shout out to Mary, Nathaniel and Jodi for the added personal touch. Thank you all for your patience and assistance! 


The USC check-in process was easy breezy. We arrived at the port around 1:30PM and chipped our way through security as we listened to the soca music that played over the speakers. We were greeted by Norwegian Cruise representatives and the entire process took less then 10 minutes. We danced our way over to the photographer for a quick photo, then headed on board where the early birds were already turning up in the Atrium. Excitement was in the air!


Once on board, there was no question where we were. The USC team made it their primary goal to remind all passengers that they were on the first ever Ubersoca Cruise. Norwegian who?! The USC branding was sickening (in a great way)! Everywhere we turned there were USC banners, flags, oversized balloons, pool balls, t-shirts, napkins, hats and more. Ubersoca took over the cruise ship televisions and its sound system. We woke up daily to announcements from Jodi, Barrie Hype and Gisselle D’ Wassi One. While getting dressed we watched customized soca music video mixes on our television. As we walked the hallways, our ears were graced by soca music from the featured artists on the ship. While we dined, we listened to soca (even in the specialty restaurants). It was so awesome! 

I roomed with my good friend and the two of us fit comfortably in a cabin designed for 4 people. I’m pretty sure any more than 2 people would have resulted in a hawt mess situation. Even still, the bed was heavenly, the shower was life giving and the decor was pleasing to the eyes.  

Dining and Drinking


Dining was a piece of cake (pun intended lol). There was always somewhere to go for a bite no matter the hour. Whether or not you liked what they offered was another story. There were a number of complimentary restaurants where passengers could dine, the most popular being Garden Cafe. I think this was everyone’s favorite because of the wide selection and buffet style meals. However, the best kept secret was Summer Palace. From the looks of it, you would think you had to come out of your pocket …but NOT so! The food was amazing and definitely worth the wait. 

For many cruisers, the biggest downfall was that the cost for the trip did not include alcohol. I’m not one who needs liquor to have a good time so this didn’t really phase me.  An alcohol package was available for purchase for a limited time online and bottle services were also an option once on board. The USC team put forth additional effort by offering several signature drinks for a reasonable price of $9.95 per drink; although not ideal, it definitely beat those crazy Manhattan prices that most of us were used to. Those who chose not to purchase alcohol from any of the above methods found alternative means. I will refrain from disclosing such methods and am going to end this segment right here lol. 

Onboard Events


Let’s see, themed soca concerts every night, basketball and soccer tournaments, a comedy show, DJ battles, pool parties, bingo, bowling, panel discussions, movies, Socasize fitness classes and happy hours …need I say more?!

The USC team delivered and then some! The schedule was jam packed and there was LITERALLY a DJ playing 24/7….and I mean literally. There wasn’t a moment without something to do but if you really wanted to sleep it was possible. On average, I got about 3 hours sleep per night, plus a midday power nap. For blog-sake, I didn’t want to miss anything but I just couldn’t do it all lol (sorry guys). 

I always looked forward to the evening events. How can you go wrong with soca concerts EVERY night?! We were fortunate enough to have four artists perform live accompanied by our favorite DJs who gave their absolute best. The evening fetes/concerts were beyond phenomenal and the after parties had us walking around like zombies the next day. In short, The partying never stopped unless you really wanted it to. 

When we weren’t feting, cruisers could be found toning our bodies at Socasize classes on the pool deck, laughing at Majah Hype at the comedy show, watching our favorite artists play ball on the court or soaking our pains away in the hot tub. There was something for everyone. 

Jamaica Jamaica!


The highlight of the trip was when we finally “touched down” in Jamaica. I just knew in my spirit that jouvert was going to be a movie…and boy was I right. Once we gulped down those complimentary drinks on Bay Beach and got licked with the red paint and white powder, it was pure epicness! Yes, that phrase is played out but there really are no other words to describe it. Then, Lil Rick and Kes the Band had the audacity to come on stage and totally SLAY us with their mind blowing performances. 

LAWD LAWD LAWD! I left 50% of my soul on Bay Beach after jouvert. The live performances each night took another 25%. DJ Bandit, DJ Puffy, Riggo Suave and several other DJs tried to take the rest of my soul with their nostalgic sets during the after parties! Ugh, I’m back in New Jersey completely INCOMPLETE! I have a BRUK back, sore calves, chipped toe nail polish and I’m still finding red paint in my hair! But guess what? I wouldn’t have it any…other…way! 

The Wrap Up

I could rant about this trip forever but I’ll wrap it up for time sake. There was just something “uber” special about being on a ship with individuals with the same love for Caribbean culture and soca music. It was pure unity amongst the artists, DJs, emcees, comedians and their biggest supporters. What joy it was to jump up on stage with comedians after they performed. How sweet it was to take selfies with DJs as we waited for the elevator. How awesome it was to say “good morning” to your favorite soca artists at breakfast while they were in sweat pants and doo-rags. It was simply magical… and I’m legit holding back a tear right now. Sniffle. 

You can ask any Norwegian staff member and they will attest that they too had a great time. We would often catch them dancing in a corner, singing the lyrics to soca songs as they worked or participating to Socasize classes in the cut. It was the cutest, most hilarious and heart warming moments to witness. Seeing the staff enjoy themselves totally made me feel a little better about staining those nice white towels with red jouvert residue. I think they forgave us! Soca music to de world! 

I can’t say it enough. Thank you Ubersoca Cruise team for a life changing experience. There was no better way to pop my cruise cherry than on a ship filled with my culture and my favorite music of all time. Job extremely well done! 

Biggup to Riggo Suave and Gisselle for the Turks and Caicos shout outs!

Favorite Moments:

– The first morning wake up call from Barrie Hype.

– Watching a crew member wave his Antiguan flag from above during the first after party.

– Meeting a fellow Turks & Caicos Islander onboard!

– The freestyle session with all the artists at the end of Uber Trucked….besssss!!!

Thank you so much for reading! To know if this cruise is really for you please collect insights from cruisers who share your feting style. I’m just an outgoing anti-stush gyal who adores dancing, is easy to please and doesn’t need liquor to get on bad. Getting feedback from like-minded passengers may help you to decide if Ubersoca Cruise 2017 would be worth your time and money. Below you will find my 9 minute recap video. Press play and ENJOY!