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Ubersoca Cruise 2018: The Tea

Writing Location: Chili’s Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale International Airport   Gree-T’ingz!   Thanks for stopping by and showing ya girl some love. Well, Ubersoca Cruise (USC) 2018 has come and gone. As you already know, I wasn’t on either of the ships, but I had quite a few spies onboard.     WARNING. This post is called Ubersoca Cruise TEA […]

Chic 2017: The Review

  Happy New Year My Loves!   Ahhhright! I’m here to share some thoughts on this NYC New Year’s fete scene. I know some of you have been waiting impatiently for me to share my thoughts lol, and I’m going to do just that. I’m not throwing shade to any promoters, just stating my personal […]

Wine on Wheels: The Review

    Every child usually has that one activity that they are passionate about. Sure, we have the activities some of our parents forced us to attend, but I’m talking about that staple, can’t live without activity. For me, it was roller skating.   My father bought my first pair of Barbie Doll quad skates […]