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Easter in Jamaica 2018

Here’s my recap of the best Easter ever! If you haven’t visited Jamaica’s countryside I need you to add it to your travel list. Do something different before the Kingston turn up and take some time to relax. That’s exactly what we did. Let me know if you plan to do the same in 2019.   […]

Fete Spouses & Nosey Souls

  For clarity-sake, let’s start off with a definition:     Fete Spouse (FS): A person with whom you have great chemistry on the dance floor. You may or may not be physically attracted to this person but your vibes match and you have a splendiferous time feting together. People often assume that you and this […]

Wire Bra Basics

    I know you’ve seen them. Those risqué boobie holders blinged out in rhinestones and trim. When they first came on the scene onlookers were astonished. How dare designers create something so revealing! My, my, my how times have changed. Regular padded bra’s are almost a thing of the past and women who said they’d […]

Storming 101

    Hi Honey Dips!    So, I received an email from a follower asking this question:   “Would it be bad to make my own costume and not go with a band?”   As I drafted my response to her I realized the she is probably not the only one looking for this answer. Thus, […]

Tutorial: From T-Shirt to Bodysuit

    Have you ever been on the road or at jouvert and wondered how some women get the bodysuit version of the t-shirt you’re wearing? I sure have. Some women are VIP’s and get the official bodysuit from their promoter friends while others simply design it themselves. Here is a super quick, 3-minute tutorial on how […]