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Ep. 17 Introducing Carnival Crown Revoked

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Disclaimer: I changed the name of the installment shortly after publishing the episode. I discovered that the term “Fete Card Revoked” was being used by another brand.

New t’ingz a gwaaaan! Introducing the first episode of Carnival Crown Revoked, the carnival culture game show exclusively on Nice-ish!

I don’t know about you, but ideas are ALWAYS floating through this little bald head of mine. When this latest lightbulb went off I knew I had to see it through. I’ve always wanted my supporters to have an opportunity to engage with me and have their voices heard on my platform. My normal show doesn’t really allow for such engagement because the topics are so specific. While I do encourage my listeners to participate by dropping voice notes and such to be featured on the show, it’s just not the same. At any rate… it’s your time now!

So that everyone gets an understanding of how the show works, I asked my boy Jamar to be my Caribbean guinea pig for the first episode. Just like I imagined, it was poppin! I wanted the organic flow of conversation to stem from the trivia and that’s exactly what happened. Questions were asked and answered. Vibes were present, and lots of laughs were had. THAT is what I’m looking forward to with each and every episode of Carnival Crown Revoked. Check out the first episode now!

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In this trivia-based episode we discuss:

  • Footcare and West Indian women
  • NYC promoter preferences
  • The demise of Canboulay
  • Soca celebrity family dynamics
  • Quality dancehall artists of the times
  • Ubersoca Cruise artists
  • Underdog islands that drive West Indian culture
  • St. Lucia’s opening during covid-19 saga

How to Enter:

If and when yuh ready, gwan and submit your name to be added to the regular drawings. The first drawing date will be announced in the near future. Just stay plugged in to my social media platforms. Here’s how to enter your name:

  • Send me a DM on Instagram
  • Respond to my sticker question in my IG stories
  • Send me a DM on Twitter
  • Email me with the subject “C.C.R. Interest” and include your IG or Twitter handles. If you don’t have either, your first name and location will suffice i.e. “Shelly Ann from Portmore”

Please, please, please let me know what you think of Carnival Crown Revoked! Shout out to MarlyBeats for the CCR instrumental. 

And as of right now. Me nah giving no prizes! Vibes, jokes and street credit all day!


xoxoxo Sha