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Welcome to Season 4! Trinidad Carnival Bound

Trinidad carnival

Trinidad Bound

Happy New Year! A new year means we’re back with another season. Headed to Trinidad carnival next month? It’s official, so are we! Let’s prepare for this momentous occasion together. Yesterday marked the 50 days from the start of Monday Mas. In this first episode we’re keeping it light but definitely keeping you informed. Stay tuned for more Trinidad specific episodes as we gear up to head to the Mecca of Carnival. 

Listening Time: 17 Minutes

Discussed in this episode:

  • Understanding the T’ingz Nice Podcast
  • Why Trinidad Carnival is adored
  • My approach for Trinidad Carnival 2023
  • Getting to Trinidad: Flight Madness
  • Planning tips for Trinidad Carnival 2024

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Special shout out to Thomas, Nadia and Sharlene for their voice note submissions!




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