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Do I Really Need to Play Mas?

That is the staggering question…   For 2016 I have mentally committed to going to Trinidad Carnival again. Do I have a flight yet? NOPE! But it’s gonna happen trust and believe. I mean, it’s my birthday weekend people! I must turn up correctly lol! If I learned anything last year as a TNT neophyte, […]

Where’s the Chocolate?

  Is there a shortage of dark skin women in Trinidad? I’m just curious because yet another band launch has popped off and there isn’t one sighting of a little dark chocolate…again. If there is, someone please tag me to shut me up. The truth is I’ve seen very few chocolate models period and I just want to […]

Hollywood Carnival Recap 2015

Welcome to Sha’s Blog! Recaps, reviews, rants and more… Hey Everyone!   I’ve changed things up a bit this time around because I simply could not put all my thoughts about Hollywood Carnival in writing. Check out my very first Blog Video…but don’t be too hard on a gyal! I promise the next one will […]